Q – How quickly can we expect a technician after a service call is placed?

A – Typically we try our best to respond to all service calls within 24 hours or based upon the emergency of the call.

Q – How do your travel fees work?

A – We are centrally located in West Yarmouth on the Cape – we do not charge travel to Yarmouth, Centerville, Dennis, Cotuit, Barnstable – our rates are applied in 15 minute increments depending on your location…for instance, Orleans, Brewster, Harwich, Mashpee are all 15 minutes – so $37.00 on top of the service call is applied. Charges for travel are always based upon these standards unless we can combine a call in that area and split the travel cost with another customer.

Q – How much is a standard service call?

A – We charge $148.00 per hour.  A travel charge may apply depending upon your location.

Q – Do you have preventative maintenance plans?

A – Harris-Warren can custom design a plan that is tailored to the specifications of your kitchen equipment– this will vary from customer to customer depending on what your needs may be.

Q – What kinds of equipment do you work on?

A – Our technicians can look at all kinds of equipment from refrigeration, gas, steam, etc. Basically if it is a piece of commercial equipment we can take a look at it. Everything from slicers, toasters, mixers, walk-in’s, fryers, steamers, ovens, ranges, grills…etc.

Q- What kinds of payment do you accept?

A – We typically need to receive payment upon completion of the service call unless other arrangements and terms have been established with the customer– we gladly accept checks, cash and major credit cards.

Q – What areas do you cover?

A – We service the entire Cape area and have even gone to both islands – we also have customers over the bridge up to the Plymouth area.

Q – What are your office hours?

A – The office is open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, however we do have a 24 hour emergency number that customers can call when the office is not open and if you require a technician to come look at something.

Q – How many full-time technicians do you have on staff?

A – We currently have 11 full time technicians on staff and usually have additional help in the busy summer months.